April Rivermonsters of the Month!!!

Congratulations to Cortney and Kat…our April Rivermonsters of the Month! Learn a little more about these awesome athletes below and make sure to give them a high five when you see them at the box!


Cortney Milner (Crossfit member)

1.       When did you start CrossFit and why? I started May of last year.  I was bored with my Insanity/P90x at home workouts and a bunch of the people I work with were doing it so I decided to try it out.

2.       How has CrossFit helped you outside of the box? I have a lot more energy and feel stronger with everything I do.

3.       Would you rather do Fran or Karen? Karen

4.       What are you goals for 2014? To get a completely flat stomach (by eating healthy and doing crossfit at least 4 days/wk) and be able to do a pull-up!

5.       What is your advice on finishing a tough mental WOD? If it is a  workout with a lot of reps (i.e. Karen), break it up into smaller increments and take a short rest in between.  Knowing you can break after you finish 10 reps is much easier than thinking you have to get through all 150.

6.       Would you recommend CrossFit to your family and friends? Yes, I try and recruit people all the time!

7.       Favorite Workout: I enjoy any workout that has runs mixed in

8.       Best CrossFit Memory: Competing in the In-house throwdown last fall.  It was awesome to have the friendly competition and then getting to hang out with everyone after.

9.       Biggest Accomplishment: I’m not sure if this is my biggest accomplishment, but being able to do a plank hold for over 3 minutes really stands out to me.  It shows that I finally overcame that mental barrier that you need to push yourself in every workout. 

10.    How has your athletic career helped in CrossFit?  I was a cheerleader in high school….enough said.

11.    What physical and mental changed have you seen since starting CrossFit:  It’s made my legs much stronger which has improved my running.  I can run longer distances and also has made me faster. Running long distances is all mental and now when I want to quit I imagine the coaches yelling at me to keep going!

12.    If you could take any piece of equipment home to workout with, which would you take? A rower

Kat Townsend (Riv Fit Member)

1.       When did you start RivFit and why? – May 2013 to stay active, a lot of people that I work with started coming and they loved it so I figured I would try it.

2.       How has RivFit helped you outside of the box?  -  Gave me more confidence and I have more energy throughout the day.

3.       Would you rather do burpees or wall balls?  - Burpees

4.       What are you goals for 2014?  -  Get more in shape and eat healthy more consistently

5.       What is your advice on finishing a tough mental WOD? – Take it rep by rep and make sure you have good music on  - my personal fav is techno/dance

6.       Would you recommend RivFit to your family and friends? – 100%

7.       Favorite Workout – Anything with box jumps and burpees- those moves always make me feel like my whole body is getting a good workout.

8.       Best RivFit Memory – When we did the RivFit Open

9.       Biggest Accomplishment – I guess that would be the RivFit Open also. Somedays the WOD is so hard I feel like they are a big accomplishment too!

10.    What do you rely on most to help you through RivFit? – The coaches and other rivfitters giving you positive motivation. And the music!

11.    What physical and mental changes have you seen since starting RivFit? – Physically tightening up and mentally being able to push myself. When I first say the skill one day was 100 burpees I thought I would never finish, now when I see 100 burpees its nothing… slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

12.    If you could take any piece of equipment home to workout with, which would you take? – probably a wall ball.